Belterra Estates Subdivision, Alliston, ON – Sewage Pumping Station
Sewage Pumping Station

GEL has provided detailed design and construction inspection for a 1,200 square foot sewage pumping station within Phase 3 of the Belterra Estates Subdivision in Alliston, Ontario.

GEL prepared architectural, structural, and mechanical design and drawings for the superstructure of the pumping station including the deep foundation design and fire ratings. Electrical and process design and drawings were prepared by GEL to meet the Town of New Tecumseth standards.

As required by and in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and the guidelines of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, GEL performed general review of construction.

General review included review of shop drawings and site visitation to generally assess compliance with the design requirements and progress and conformity of the work with the design drawings.