Simcoe Parts Service – Valeo Addition

GEL has provided project management, detailed design, contract administration and inspection for a 70,000 square foot industrial tenant renovation (including a 20,400 square foot addition). The existing warehouse and office space was converted to a manufacturing facility for automotive components. GEL was responsible for coordinating all architectural and engineering disciplines, including an electrical sub-consultant.

The new addition housed a plastics injection moulding facility with several large injection moulding presses, an overhead crane runway, new high voltage electrical service, and an interior truck loading bay. There was also extensive reinforcement of the existing pre-engineered metal building was required due to the removal of existing girts and the new accumulated snow loading.

Preliminary construction costs estimates were also prepared at a very early stage of the project. These preliminary cost estimated assisted the client in the early planning of the project.

As required by and in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and the guidelines of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, GEL performed general review of construction.  General review included review of shop drawings and site visitation to generally assess compliance with the design requirements and progress and conformity of the work with the design drawings.

GEL worked closely with the entire design team, the Simcoe Parts Services Inc (SPS) project manager, and the construction manager who was hired directly by SPS.

Services rendered

  • Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural Designs including floor plans, elevations, sections, details, and schedules.
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Structural drawings including the foundation plan, mezzanine and roof framing plans, sections, and details.
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Site Works drawings including a site plan, site servicing plan, and a site grading plan.
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Mechanical drawings including HVAC and plumbing plans and details.
  • Contract Administration and general review of all works on site.